Back Gravity Series

Behind the Series...

Back in November 2020, our favourite stunt girl (Jess) sat on a vert ramp wall, our favourite stunt girl had a wee fall.

All the St. John helicopters, and St John men and women did a great job getting our favourite stunt girl back on her feet again.

In recognition of the support from St John we decided to brew our Back Gravity series. 

$1 from every pint sold in our pub from the back gravity series goes towards St. John and the amazing work they do!

  • Mangled Mango

    Mangled Mango’s healthy dry hop of Nectaron and Simcoe hops boast an intense stonefruit/citrus profile, while loads of fresh apricot and mango puree added directly to the fermenter offers pleasant character to the palette.

  • Stunt Girl

    This is in your face fruju heaven! We've sent it with big with a mix of Cryo x T90 hops!! 35G/L of our favourite varieties! Big tropical fruit! Pineapple! Melon! Passionfruit! Candy!!! Sweet baby Jesus the mouthfeel.... Silky smooth from a few sacks of oats x wheat. An irresponsible ABV that is dangerously hard to notice! By far the sickest IPA RxR has produced!!!!

  • Spinal Tap

    4 months and a 6-meter fall later Jess has come from hell and back. Shaking off the (stable) dust, she collab'd with one of our assistant brewers to bring you this staunch, PNW-inspired Hazy IPA. Ripe stone fruit and pine notes hit heavy with a medium-sweet body to back it up. At a crushable 6.66%, this one won't put you over the edge, but may walk you hand-in-hand toward your destiny: left to shout at the devil.

  • Stunt Double

    By daytime, two blondes conceptualizing their dream IPA. By night-time, two blondes dancing on the brewery tables, yet again… opting in as each other’s stunt double, which definitely defeats the purpose. Either way, this Double IPA is bloody good, and the conception has come to fruition, at 8.0% unfiltered perfection. Get involved you wacky beetles.
    Hops: Cascade, Chinook, Galaxy, Rakau, Mosaic and Citra

  • Deathwish

    Danger drop one of these into your gullet. Ain’t a fakie, come have a sesh. Dropping with 360 grist. First rotation; 180 Idaho 7, then 360 Victoria Secret, 540 Rakau, 720 Amarillo, 900 Azacca, 1080 Simcoe, and kick out 1260 Citra.

  • Brainfade

    A crusher Cold IPA teeming with big melon and tropical hops perfect for metaphorical blonde moments.

    Hops: Cryer Pop, Idaho 7, Simcoe, Double Dump of Galaxy

    Malts: Weyermann Pilsner, Wheat and a kiss of Caramunich II

    Yeast: Wyeast Munich Helles