Our role in this community is to bring people together, we do this with beer of course, but we go beyond that as well.

Looking around the Tap Room and seeing everyone engaged in conversation and laughter is the peak time to enjoy what RxR is all about.

We donate to local non-profits, sponsor local events and host community groups in our Malt Room. We partner with a new non-profit every month to receive the proceeds from our meat raffle. We save our spent grain and give it to local farmers for their stock.

Our re-usable riggers, growlers, flagons, whatever you call them can be used time and time again, reducing waste and saving a coin or two.

If you are visiting us from out of town, bring your rigger along for a zero waste way to take RxR home with you!

As long as it is clean and can be sealed, we will fill most everything.

Being particular about our ingredients can be tedious at times, but we believe the results speak for themselves. We proudly source ingredients from their origin for certain styles and are overjoyed with the incredible ingredients we can source within our region.