RxR Brewery Wanaka

Inside RxR, there are three distinct spaces: the Tap Room/Malt Room, the production brewery and the manufacturing business. 

Unhappy with the canning systems available in the market, which were too costly and required too many people, Simon got his engineering hat on and came up with MicroBrewTech, his own canning system, that is now being sold to breweries across New Zealand — including Duncan’s, Te Aro and Wānaka Beer Works.

Our core range is always available in cans, plus heaps of seasonals, and even beyond the sleek label design, there’s a lot more than meets the eye about these cans.

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For orders within Wanaka email: beer@rhymeandreason.beer

For orders outside of Wanaka, contact the amazing team at Punky Distributions: orders@punkydistro.com

RXR WAREHOUSE HOURS: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm